A untold story about “STEVE COOK”!! An true inspiration for the youngsters!!

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Steve Cook was born on April 19, 1991 in Hastings, East Sussex. His middle name is Anthony. He is an English Professional Footballer and play as a Defender for Premier League club AFC Bournemouth.

From high school football to smashing “Weight Lifting” records in his youth, Steve Cook has been training since an early age with his father as his mentor and trainer, there wasn’t much that he couldn’t do. Having influences from a sporting family who taught him everything he needed to know about staying strong and fit, and with numerous bodybuilding and figure competitions under his belt, it’s clear to see that Steve was destined for greatness. He has done a lots of hard work in his early age to staying active and fit for the passion in which he wanted to get the success.

Steve was born in a spot family however it was not enough for him to be on winning edge. With all the determination and dedication towards his passion, he became to face each and every tough moment in his life and grew from strength to strength. Steve cook finally then was in the list of Bodybuilding.com figure and spokesperson.


By the time, Steve hit the high school, he was a legend by setting all the gym records and being the most muscular student in the school. After word spread about his power and ability, Steve was soon picked for high school football, which later led him on to a college football career. On 27 October 2011, he joined EFL League One side AFC Bournemouth on loan. On 3 January 2012, Cook re-joined Bournemouth permanently for £150,000 signing a three-and-a-half-year deal. Cook was ever-present in the 2014–15 AFC Bournemouth season as Bournemouth won 2014–15 Football League Championship and were promoted to the Premier League.


After getting divorce from his wife, he realised that he coud try in Bodybuilding. After a recent competition in a Bodybuilding show, Steve was approached to take a part in the Boise fit expo’s fit body contest and after winning that competition, he started to keep looking for other similiar competions. And here, he found the Muscle & Fitness Male model search competition in Las Vegas held during the Olympia. He worked hard and got into the best shape of his life while finishing his bachelor’s degree, Cook ended up walking away with a 1st out of 90 contestents.


A weeks workout of Steve’s looks something like:
Day 1 – Legs
Day 2 – Chest and Biceps
Day 3 – Cardio only
Day 4 – Back and Triceps
Day 5 – Shoulders
Day 6 – Cardio
Day 7 – Repeat


Steve was a massive fan of aesthetic bodybuilder and a popuar actor “The Arnold”. He met him when he was only 8 and from then on became a huge fan. Steve learnt a lot from Arnold by watching his workout videos and movies. He then decided that he will follow him for the lifetime to become such a great Bodybuilder. Instead of the big and bulky look. Preferring the ‘model look’, which Cook has based his career on, has enabled him to become the success he is today.


After getting the fame in Bodybuilding, he has been a social media sensation and now, he has 2.6 Millions of fan following on Instagram. You can follow him on https://www.instagram.com/p/CAQZd54g8H_/

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