Cardio or Yoga: Which is Better?

The age-old debate between Breathless Cardio and the ancient Science Yoga is never-ending. Cardio is any aerobic exercise like running or swimming, that strengthens the hearts and lungs. Yoga is an ancient discipline which integrates the physical and mental health of the person.

Cardio or Yoga: Which is Better? Read for yourself an choose your fitness journey!

The Quintessential Goal of your fitness journey
Cardio is a very goal-oriented exercise, typically aiming for weight loss. More than weight loss, Yoga represents the union of body, spirit and mind through various Postures and Asanas.

Calories Burnt
A 73 kilograms person burns 183 calories in an hour by doing basic (Hatha) Yoga, compared with 314 calories in an hour of Cardio. So, if you want a quick weight loss, go for the Cardio.

Part of the Nervous System
Cardio exercises involve the Sympathetic nervous system responsible for reducing digestive secretion and produce a feeling of tiredness. Yoga involves the Parasympathetic nervous system and produces a feeling of relaxation.

Oxygen Consumption
Cardio usually results in increased oxygen consumption. Yoga focuses on proper breathing, which leads to reduced oxygen consumption.

Health and Age restrictions
Since Cardio are a group of heavy breathing exercises, people with joint problems or older generation cannot perform them. Regardless of age and health, Yoga is a safe fitness practice with simple asanas to intense postures.

The comparison should make it easy for you to gauge which one is better. Cardio offers you instant results but is helpful only if you maintain it systematically. Yoga yields your weight loss and health on a long-term basis and improves your mental health effectively. Overall, Yoga is the clear winner. Try Cardio-Yoga, which is also the rage these days! Be Fit Be Happy!

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