Discord Explained _ What is Discord and how did it grow beyond gaming

How do you go from building a chat app for  games to revolutionizing the future of internet   communities? Discord co-founders Jason Citron  and Stan Vishnevskiy know the answer. Over the   span of the last few years, they saw Discord  grow from 0 to 140 million active users per   month while people used their platform to  … Read more

Top MBA Universities in USA!

USA is the top choice for many Indian students looking to pursue MBA abroad. Additionally, it’s because US business schools provide an excellent MBA programme with a ton of possibilities for hands-on learning. Regardless of the money paid and the intense competition, earning an MBA in the United States will be one of the most … Read more

How To Get Study Visa in USA!

Applying for a USA student visa may be an extensive process so should start getting ready well ahead – a minimum of 3 to 5 months before your course is thanks to starting. There are typically many steps to use for a USA student visa. These steps vary at every USA embassy or diplomatic building … Read more