Finance is the basic flow of cash/money which grabs the topics of money management, creation, and its study. Finance basically deals with the questions of a firm, individual, or government that, when they need the money how do they meet their needs of getting the sum to spend or invest it. finance has its own categories as - corporate finance, personal finance, and public finance. corporate finance provides sum to capital structures, usually related to running a corporation. Investment banks may advise the firm on such considerations and help the market for its securities.

A large company may have to decide whether to increase its fund's value through a bond issue or stock offering. If a company is willing to go public, it will issue shares on a stock exchange, through a public offering to raise its cash value. personal finance provides the sum to a family or individual of its basic needs, these are provided to the individual by evaluating their assets, income, a person takes personal finance to fulfill his basic needs, to achieve goals, or for starting a sole proprietor business. Public finance deals with the taxation and expenditure

of different civic organizations basically, the government opts for it to maintain economic stability around the region, by overseeing the allocation of resources to maintain stability in the market and help in its prevention of market loss. The regular money supply is secured mostly through taxation, insurance companies, Borrowing from banks, and other nations also help the government to maintain its stability. the most common finance for people in finance known as a loan, it is the simplest and the most common for granting and fulfilling the needs provided to us by banks. What are financial activities?

financial activities are the forms of a sum of money supplies to government, individual, or a firm as they further in the future seek to achieve their economic goals. these activities involve the sale and purchases of a product, also known as inflow and outflow of money examples being purchasing of stocks, purchasing assets or issuing of stocks, and more. And when their goals are achieved (within the time period) or the sale of their share to make the debt payment which is caused by issuing the financial loan is also a part of financial activities

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