Growing Herbs in Kitchen is trending now-a-days!!


There are lots of people who actually loves to do gardening but afraid for what should grow up and what are the things which can be beneficial in the house. That’s why, Beyondlimitss came with some herbs which you can easily grow in your kitchen and take advantages of them.

Basil is the go-to summer herb and thrives when grown in pots, containers and window-boxes. Many gardeners struggle to grow great basil but give it well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine and it’s usually smooth sailing. Like most herbs, basil responds well to frequent harvesting, and will continue to push out fresh growth when trimmed back. Also be sure to pinch off any flower buds that appear.


You can grow mint from seed, but it is often different from the parent plant. Instead, buy young mint plants from a nursery near you. Bear in mind that mint spreads easily, so plant it in a pot to contain the roots. Keep it in a sunny area or a partially shaded place. Pluck any flower buds to encourage more leaf growth.


Cilantro is a versatile herb for the kitchen and grows well in the ground or containers. Seeds can take weeks to germinate and the plants are fairly short-lived, so sow a few seeds every couple of weeks for a continuous supply. It can often ‘bolt’ when stressed, which means it produces flowers and seeds instead of tasty leaves. Keep it fairly well watered and harvest regularly for best results.


Oregano is an enthusiastic grower in the garden and putting it in a pot is an easy and beautiful way to control its growth. The small leaves are packed with flavor, perfect for topping pizzas and other Italian dishes. Oregano plants thrive in warm, sunny spots and like light soils. Sow the seeds in spring when the soil has warmed up or start them off in pots indoors. 


Thyme is one of the best herbs for container gardening; it’s low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and can take a bit of neglect. Plus, it looks fantastic when planted at the front of a container where the tiny leaves can mound over the edge of the pot. Give it full sun and don’t overwater; it’s drought-resistant and prefers its soil on the dry side.


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