How the Earth healed during Covid-19 lockdown


No one was sure that there would be a day when they would see, at least in this lifetime, nature recovering after a fallow due to excessive pollution including dumping of industrial and domestic waste, irresponsible chopping of trees, and every possible abuse. But, the lockdown has turned the tables. Not just the skyline is becoming clearer with each passing day, the rivers are visibly purer, and the once endangered flora and fauna is now coming back to life.

Our Lifelines — Rivers
You can see the surface of river Ganga, which could not be cleaned despite spending crores of rupees is now cleaner than ever as reportedly none of the industrial waste is being dumped in it. According to a report in HT, Ganga may be cleaner today, than it was in 1986 — the year when efforts to clean the river were first launched. And, a similar case is with Yamuna. Due to a blanket reduction in industrial pollutants, and increased discharge of water from Haryana to Delhi, a cleaner Yamuna is visible these says. Both the factors have increased the self purification capacity of the river.

Before Lockdown Vs. During Lockdown

Clear skies, and clearer skyline
With absolutely limited movement of vehicles on the roads, most of the metro cities in India are breathing in much cleaner air with relatively safer levels of pollutants to deal with, as compared to the time before the lockdown. Metro cities have reported ‘satisfactory’ AQI, and those who had been battling smog in Delhi-NCR can vouch for it anytime!

India Gate – Delhi, India

View of Himalaya during Lockdown
People in Jalandhar can see Himalayas from their roof top, for the first time in decades! The lockdown has cleared the air pollution to the extent that people in Punjab could catch a sight of Himalayas from some of its cities. The Himalayan range is more than 100 miles away from Punjab, and when spotted, its sight left many in awe!

A view of Himalaya

Nature was its best on Tuesday evening in Srinagar as clouds accumulated in the sky following pleasant sunlight during the day.

Srinagar Cloud

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