India and China Pull Back from The Disputed Ladakh

The two nuclear-armed neighbour countries, India and China have finally come at a positive end of sustained talks, resulting in withdrawing of their troops from the famously disputed Ladakh border of the great Himalaya. This brings, if not an end, a breakthrough in the military clash going on since June 2020 between the two countries.

The defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh informed in the Indian Parliament how both nuclear powers had been trying to come to an end of a decision which would result in nothing but peace. Casualties of 20 Indian soldiers and allegedly a few from Chinese side were enough and they of course didn't want more fatalities. Therefore, the military and diplomatic channels, after nine meetings between senior military commanders from the both sides, have finally succeeded to reach to an agreement. Agreement features the disengagement of the Pangong Lake in the north and south bank.

Picture source: India-China border dispute: Galwan incursion planned in advance, Chinese deployed T-15 tanks in Tibet in January

The disputed 3,440km (2,100 mile) long border which is also called Line of Actual Control is now set to be disengaged in a synchronised and organised way. The decision led to the troops on both sides to pull back from the border, that too simultaneously. The disengagement decision will surely bring a stoppage to grievances between the two neighbours, generally ending peace related threats on the entire Asian territory.

Therefore, the border's boundary claimed by both India and China is now set to be disengaged to give just share to both the countries which they agreed to as well.

The Indian Defence Ministry also assured in the Parliament that the Indian commanders had not conceded anything in the talks.

Sufficing, all is well that ends well. With this, we hope that the military tensions been occurring at the end of the two nuclear powers finally come to end which is crucial for maintaining peace over the entire Asian continent.

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