Indian Climber Banned by Nepal on Fake Everest Summit

Such an embarrassment, eh! Three of the Indian mountain climbers have been accused of claiming their fake summit on the Mount Everest, thus, ending up being banned by Nepal for next six years from mountaineering in the country.

The summit was from 2016 which has come to the limelight recently. The news became the news after the 26 years old mountaineer named Narender Singh Yadav was to be potentially declared as the recipient of the Tenzing Norgay national adventure award. Seeing his potential of winning the award, the other Indian mountaineers allegedly revealed that the summit pictures which Narender had were faked.

Picture source: Nepal Bans 3 Indian Climbers For 6 Years For Faking Mount Everest Summit

In this regard, after necessary investigations, not only Narendar was banned but his expedition mates Seema Rani Goswami and Naba Kumar faced the same label of shame due to assisting Narendar in his fake summit and false claims.

Where Narendar seems to deny the allegations, the whistle blower witnesses including Phukon have made genuine and logical claims that apparently the three Indian climbers did not have enough oxygen to ascend the Everest as they had planned.

Phukon who also works at Assam department of sports further revealed that Narendar had morphed his summit pictures. Phukon was the team leader of the expedition while Narendar alongside his other two mates were the part of the team. Phukon added that the three guys had to be rescued eventually by the Sherpas.

The Nepali authorities have thus studied the case, taken strict action against the false claimers, and banned them for next six years. Phukon shows his gratitude towards the authorities by expressing how this initiative is a victory for rock climbing and mountaineering freaks and how this punishment will demotivate others to make such blunders in the future times.

The Seven Summit Treks which organised the expedition have also been banned by Nepal. Narendar's Sherpa guide has also been fined 10,000 Nepali rupees (£60) since they all have endorsed Narendar's claims.

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