Latest Corona Update

With the intense rise in the overall Covid cases, India is proud to have sent sufficient corona vaccine doses to foreign nations amid this corona Pandemic. The Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan declared that quite large doses of corona vaccine which is estimated to be around 6 cores have been safely delivered to a total of 76 countries. In addition to that around 4.5 crore doses of Covid jabs are administered across India till the latest report. If we discuss the current scenario India alone has been detected with 43,846 new coronavirus cases nowadays which is quite alarming.

The daily data bulletin released by our union Health Ministry declared that the national recovery rate from the Covid-19 infection has fallen to 95 .96 percent. As far as the fatalist's statistics go about 197 people have lost their lives to this Pandemic. The daily increase in the cases is quite worrisome as fresh cases are on a rise in the last 11days. If we understand this situation then it is for sure we are heading towards a second wave of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. The reason for this is the sole fact that people have become careless they are not covering their faces with masks and not sanitizing their hands frequently. If we look at the state-wise count then Maharashtra has once again emerged as the epicenter wave of this corona pandemic. Some states are deciding for total lockdown on weekends, some are opting for the closure of educational institutions, while in some areas section 144 has been imposed.

Mass Vaccination is being conducted decently where the vulnerable group is taking the covid jab as scheduled. The new normal work from home has shown us the way to survive by maintaining social distancing in crowded places, offices, and other educational institutions and it is still a long way for it to become endemic around the globe. The deputy chief minister of Gujarat has rejected the plea to Holi celebration as means of safety however the religious ritual of Holika Dahan will be allowed with a limited gathering of people from societies and villages. Mr. Omar Addulla in his meeting stated that lockdown 2 to 14 days was a meaningless tokenism instead people should come forward and take part in the vaccination drive which provides cover to people whose age is 60 and above and also to individuals aged 45 to 59 years. In the past H1N1 Pandemic several countries were on the lookout for vaccination and now India will lead the world in providing a healthy and safe environment a progressively mutually beneficial world.

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