Online Education

As we all know after the covid -19 pandemic to approach education for students, online classes were discovered to make sure no one is left behind. These online classes are really useful for students trying to approach education as they are able to converse their questions in the sessions those are made, and they can learn with ease. Students also are seem to having better scores while they are appearing in the online classes there is a very big boost in attendance as it is easier for the students to attend and easier to adapt to Online education. Sessions are also recorded so that they student can reach for the classes later on if they have any doubts. Students can easily attend their classes even when they are out without any issues and it reduces the chance of missing their sessions.

This idea has definitely been really useful, but the attendance and marks does not mean that if one does or does not have full will to study, students are just opening their classes on their phones just to have a boost in attendance while not listening to anything, There is a sense of isolation between students as they feel sometimes left out as the class is very limited and not everyone can be given attention like the physical classes.

students are being lazy as the discipline that was to be maintained while going to schools is changed to laying on their bed and attending the class, not only students are lacking discipline they also loose interest in the online sessions easily and just sit to have their attendance done without getting the topics that were being cleared. Online education has both advantages and shortcomings, but it is an excellent method of learning that can help develop a student's performance. Online education is a great idea but what physically being present can teach in a group it is not possible to learn over class on my opinion.

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