Self Driving Software by Microsoft's Cloud Computing Services to be Introduced by Volkswagen AG

Technology is taking over in every sphere of life. The new announcement made by the famous vehicles company Volkswagen AG recently tells us that the technology is going to dominate and modernize the driving matters from now on, too.

Volkswagen AG announced that it will be using Microsoft's cloud computing services to develop a self-driving software as a result of its software development efforts to streamline the art of self-driving the cars.

In this regard, the company which already has the credit of owning top-notch vehicle brands like Porsche and Audi is going to be the first company to introduce such a technology, too. Right now, Volkswagen is also working on driver-assistance features apart from the self-driving cars. These driver-assistance features include advance tools like the amazing adaptive cruise control installed in the present vehicles.

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Back then in 2018, Volkswagen AG has made a deal with Microsoft for connecting its vehicles to Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service for software related advancement. Now it makes an even greater milestone by using the Microsoft's cloud computing services for the self-driving phenomenon which indeed seems like a promising future of vehicle technology. This self-driving deal will have the software updates to be developed on the same Azure cloud computing serviced which will be beaming those cloud updates down to the Volkswagen vehicles.

The executive vice president of the cloud and artificial intelligence department at Microsoft further adds that the self-driving phenomenon, in practical terms, will enable the cars to enjoy new features which give as close of experiences towards the autonomous driving. It will be thus replacing the cars with very few driver-assistance features on the road today.

According to the tech geeks, this vehicle modernization which enables the vehicle operations and management in more advanced and richer ways alongside safety considerations will transform the entire experience, both for the riders and drivers.

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