Sports Equipment to have Lower Covid-19 Virus Risk Than the Players

COVID-19 situations are interesting. They make you stuck into thinking what things could infect you and what could not. In this regard, researchers are always doing their work to let us know about the potential of things and the other discoveries.

Now a study recently made by researchers from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine revealed that sports equipment feature lower risks of COVID-19 infections than the players themselves.

This was proved by applying live virus particles to total nine sports equipment alongside a control material. Each of the equipment was tested after one minute, five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 90 minutes to note if the live transmission of virus off the equipment was relevant to contact points during sports games and events.

Picture source: How to Start a Sporting Goods Store

They found out that the sports equipment were unlikely to play a role of transmitting the virus. The reason was that the virus experienced rapid decay onto several equipment types, thus, resulting in very less chances of virus transmissions through the sports accessories. The potential cause of virus transmission came out to be the close contacts among the players. Sharing the equipment was not the real culprit.

It was also found out by the study that absorbent materials like tennis balls and cricket gloves were less likely to transfer the germs whereas the non-porous equipment like rugby balls and racing saddles could do the harm.

To avoid the transmission, thus, the manufacturers must identify the COVID-friendly surfaces and avoid taking them in use by replacing with goods which are less likely to retain the virus within. Lastly, social distancing as much as possible must be observed. This guideline goes for both sports players by profession as well as those playing sports just for having fun.

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