Use of Technology in Everyday Life

Technology has become the part and parcel of life with making life easier and comfortable. As we glance at the technologies, we understand the impact of technology in our everyday life. For example, microwave ovens cook food simply without using any stoves without creating an enormous mess. And dishwashers place all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and it washes them mechanically. Technology makes things terribly straightforward to use and saves time and effort. Typically a country's level of modernization is measured by the convenience with which individuals will communicate with one another. However Technology additionally creates monetary issues in families as some technologies are extremely costly to shop for just like the computers, televisions, refrigerators, DVD system, and residential theatre systems, etc. those who cannot afford to shop for this sort of technology live a nerve-wracking life. these days technology is incredibly necessary in society as a result of it makes life easier to live and encourages multi-tasking which is the need of the hour in this face pace world. Thus modern technology is a boon to working couples who wish to clean their garments at home without the hassles of washing and drying the old traditional way.

Here the modern-day washing machine comes in very handy. The machine will not only wash the garments but also dries them at the same time. There are a few more examples that show how technology has positively affected our lives. In the earlier times, there were no gas stoves or electrical stoves, people use to go out in the jungle for firewood's and lighten them using traditional methods and used them up for preparing food. However, the modern-day technology used by microwave or gas or electrical stove cooks the food faster without any hassles. There are a lot of reasons why technology has modified peoples€"s lives. ranging from smart phones and tablet phones to wake you up, fitness bands help you to stay fit, to the computers you're employed upon and also the electricity you employ – everything is the result of that the impulsive world of technology.

Technological innovations like the net and smart phones have helped people to attach with others everywhere in the world, get data regarding any nook and corner of the planet, produce a digital and a world economy, enjoy movies and games in the comfort of your home. Today our lives are so closely connected to technology that we simply cannot operate while not it. The only disadvantage of technology to the common man is that it has caused diversity in terms of employment. In today's world, you cannot claim a respectable job if you don't have a professional degree or certificate. This creates a problem for the unskilled worker; people who cannot attend college are uneducated, and unqualified due to financial reasons. These workers have to work in fast-food restaurants or other low-paying jobs.

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