The U.K'S Covid-19 Variant Will Sweep The World' Top Scientist Reveals

The COVID-19 pandemic had celebrated its first birthday already, but it does not seem to go away any soon. It is been mutating into its newer variants which are found to be even more dangerous than the original virus forms.

In this regard, the highly expert scientist at the Cambridge, named Professor Sharon Peacock has revealed that a new Corona Virus variant which was first identified in the U.K. is more infectious than ever and is likely to become the most dominant form of the COVID-19 virus introduced yet worldwide. This expert, who also happens to be the director of the Genomics U.K. Consortium, further revealed that this variant has the capability to sweep the entire world population, god forbid.

The variant known as B.1.1.7, is revealed by various studies to be even problematic or ineffective with the Corona Virus vaccines. Such a circumstance will need vaccines to be modified and strong enough to fight against this new deadlier strain.

Picture source: Is the new SARS-CoV-2 UK variant (B.1.1.7) already in the US? Maybe.

Vaccine companies including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna have been trying to combat against these variants by working tirelessly on the vaccines. It is further predicted that the B.1.1.7. strain will dominate the United States of America too by March.

Let's hope that soon the world sees a vaccine effective against not only the B.1.1.7 but also all the future strains of COVID-19 to come.

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