Vehicle insurance overview

You should have engine protection to drive your vehicle on UK streets.

Outsider protection is the lawful least. This implies you’re covered assuming you have a mishap making harm or injury some other individual, vehicle, creature or property. It takes care of no different costs like fix to your own vehicle.

If you’re in an accident

you have a mishap causing harm or injury you should give the accompanying to anybody with ‘sensible reason for requiring them’, for instance an insurance agency:

your name and address
the vehicle enlistment number
You additionally need to give the proprietor’s name and address on the off chance that the vehicle isn’t yours.

You should report the mishap to the police in no less than 24 hours on the off chance that you don’t give your subtleties at the hour of the mishap.

You should likewise report the mishap to your insurance agency, regardless of whether you’re not intending to make a case.

Accidents with uninsured motorists

You ought to let the police know if you have a mishap with somebody who’s not safeguarded.

Your insurance agency can likewise offer you more guidance.

You could likewise have the option to get remuneration on the off chance that you’re the survivor of a uninsured or quick in and out driver.

Driving abroad

If you’re driving in most European countries

All UK vehicle protection gives the base outsider cover to drive in:

the EU (counting Ireland)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Check with your safety net provider in the event that your arrangement has additional cover for things like burglary or harm to your vehicle abroad.

You don’t have to convey a green card when you drive in the EU (counting Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland. You actually need legitimate vehicle protection.

You might have to convey a green card to drive in different nations, including:


If you’re driving in the rest of the world

You might have to convey a green card to demonstrate you have the base protection cover expected by the nation you’re driving in. This incorporates:

You may likewise require extra protection for your vehicle, trailer or band. Check the movement guidance for the nation you’re going to.

Getting a green card from your insurer

A green card is proof that you have vehicle insurance when driving abroad.

Contact your insurer to get one for your vehicle. They’ll either:

  • post you a green card – allow up to 6 weeks
  • tell you how to download a green card to print yourself

You will need to carry extra green cards if:

  • you’re towing a trailer or caravan (one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer or caravan)
  • you have 2 insurance policies covering your trip (one card for each policy)
  • you have multi-car or fleet insurance (one for each vehicle on the policy)

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