Easy4Cloud and Fabrick join forces for open banking in Italy and Spain

To expand its offering and introduce BancheinCloud, a Business Intelligence platform for the aggregated management of Current Accounts through which individual, family, 

And business accounts can be linked to minimize administrative work, Easy4Cloud, which operates in Italy, the UK, Spain, and the USA, has chosen Fabrick.

In order to leverage the PSD2 APIs offered on the platform and to benefit from the Account Information Service Provider (AISP) licence available in "as a service" mode, the solution uses Fabrick Pass.

This enables actual access to the account information the user has given their approval to.

The service can now be used in the Spanish market thanks to the passporting of Fabrick's license and its proprietary technology for multi-bank connectivity.

Fabrick, an organization that promotes open finance internationally, is actually authorized to operate in 11 countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia).

The features incorporated in BancheinCloud enable small and medium-sized businesses to digitise and automate their management.

CEO of Easy4cloud Alberto Graziano: "Open banking has sparked a true revolution in the financial industry.

We now have the chance to translate the "banking movement" into digital data that is instantly accessible and valuable for developing new value-added services and business procedures.