Russian ambassador insists it is a reliable supplier of energy as it cuts off gas to Europe, plunging the continent into an economic crisis.

Last week, Russia cut off gas supplies to Europe, and the leader of Germany referred to it as an unreliable provider.

Questioning "the reliability of Russia as a supplier," according to a Russian envoy, is "unacceptable."

Additionally, he requested the German chancellor "give examples" demonstrating Russia's lack of dependability.

Days after cutting off natural gas exports to Europe, a Russian envoy argued that his nation was a trustworthy source of energy.

After German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that Russia was to responsible for Germany's soaring energy prices,

the ambassador replied and declared that Russia is "no longer a reliable energy supplier."

"Have there ever been indicators that Russia was an unreliable energy supplier, even in the previous decade?" tweeted Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's permanent envoy to the international organizations in Vienna. 

 Regarding the current state of affairs, 

It is not Russia that has been undermining regular trade and economic ties, notably in the energy sector."