Why is Hollywood Intrigued with Princess Diana?

Princess Diana. The name itself brings the memories of a kind humanitarian, a mother, a friend and an unconventional royal figure. Even though she tragically lost her life over 23 years ago, her charm, iconic sense of fashion and controversial death make her the most talked royal personality.

Why is Hollywood Intrigued with Princess Diana?

An Iconic Fashion Inspiration!
Lady Diana had a rocking and classic style. Many Hollywood designers believe that there wasn't a look that she couldn't pull off. More than often, Lady Diana's bright colour outfits oozed effortless style and confidence.

Her style has been recreated many times by many notable celebrities. Angelina Jolie channelled the iconic Princess Diana's Velvet Gown at 2018 BAFTAs. Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Harry Styles have also made nods to Princess Diana's fashion.

Her BFF squad included many A-listers
Princess Diana's willingness to socialize beyond aristocracy made her people and Hollywood's favourite too! Her Hollywood friends circle included American actress Liza Minnelli, famous English Songwriter and composer Elton John, and the lead Queen singer Freddie Mercury and many more. She shared a warm and close rapport with Hollywood personalities.

Hollywood's obsession with Lady Diana's Life
From her disastrous married life with Prince Charles to the rift with royal family over being a distinct royalty, Princess Diana never shied away from fighting her battles. Hollywood has been both intrigued and obsessed with Lady Diana's charm, charity work and family life.

There have been numerous Television and documentary dramas based on her life and her controversial death in a car crash. Some of them are, Diana- finds its basis on her divorce with Prince Charles. The Netflix series The Crown, and so on. Even today, Hollywood and people across the world admire Princess Diana for the enigma she was!

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