Why to Not Go Vegan?

Are you deciding to go Vegan on your favorite celebrity's suggestion? Well then you have landed the right place. Read this article to know if you are heading the right track. But first, here's a small insight into what it really means.

Veganism is derived from vegetarianism, the difference between the two is that Vegans tend to follow a more strict diet, rejecting even dairy products and eggs.

It is becoming one of the most famous practices around the world, but here are few reasons why you should not go Vegan.

Lacks essential nutrients

Contrary to popular beliefs veganism is not necessarily healthy for everybody. Yes, it may help you in losing weight, but the vegan diet lacks essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 because of its dependency on plants and fruits.

Not good for long term
The vegan diet mainly consists of Carbohydrates and can spike up the insulin in your body due to the absorption of sugar from carbs through the bloodstream. Because of the lack of animal and dairy products the requirements of protein in the body could not get fulfilled which results in long-term health hindrance.

Rely heavily on soy
The vegan diet contains a lot of soy products like soy powder, soy milk, soy protein. Consuming so much soy can cause hormone imbalance in the body, by increasing the phytoestrogen level in the body.

Disrupts the food cycle
Years of the evolutionary process has made up the man at the top of the food chain. Men being a natural predator since ancient times cannot stop the consumption of animals and meat. It can create an imbalance in the chain of the life cycle.

After all these no-no's, we hope you have got your answer:)

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