Will California become the first state to compensate Black people for reparations? – Tap to know more.

California comes up to become the first state to pay compassion to the black people. Black people of Congress made legislation to study the harm of slavery on Africans and Americans. And their solutions. They have also proposed to represent it in the parliament. Nut their proposal has been ignored for more than three-decade.

Finally, this month California made a task force to study the harm of African Americans and reparation for slavery, which began the two-year process of learning harm and slavery against African Americans. Let us understand in detail.

Black history

The reparation committee plans to dig into the black history of slavery on the African Americans. A task force member representing south Los Angelos named Reginald Jone Slayer linked the truth-telling process to the recent viral videos of police violence against black persons to set the stage of the study.

He also showed one more photo of Milind Gibs, A black civil rights activist, who helped Archy lee, who was brought to San Francisco, then escape. Archie was returned to slavery by order of the supreme court panel, including Peter Brencott, the governor of San Francisco. Supreme court panels were trying to ban black people from the states. But by luck, Archie won that case

California became a part of the free state in 1950, but it made a slave law that allowed enslaved people to be sent back to the South. Attorney general Kanwalroop Singh said that the task force should also focus on those institutions that benefit from slavery.

Role of the task force

The task force appointed by the governor and legislative leader should meet at least ten times or more. They have to submit a report on research after a year; they also have to submit a recommendation report for reparation the following year. Kamillah Moore, an intellectual attorney and activist, has been appointed as a task force chairman after getting the highest votes from the legislative leaders.

Some people from California said to the task force that they should make their meetings more accessible. They should stream their engagement on social media platforms like youtube, TikTok, etc.; some people also urge them to make their meetings every week.

Direct payment

The panel is also confused about direct payment. They are confused about whether they have to pay an African American or not. Some of the US cities have started reparation 

Process, but all of them shield away to direct payment.

Some candidates in the meeting argued that proper reparation would be an apology and direct payment. So California should consider the direct cost. While some candidates also give examples of previous world incidents. Lik3e 

According to the many Republicans, cash reparation can face fierce opposition. It will take money from those who never support slavery and give it to those who have never experienced it. Let’s see what did panel and task force will decide about direct payment.


African American was facing slavery for many decades and waiting for reparation for their harm. Now, after the long wait, California has come to give reparations to black people. They have also built a task force on knowing about the history and providing recommendations on reparations. This will set a good impression on other states of the nation. Tell your thoughts on this move to California in the comments section below.

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