Zomato Delivery Boy Case Bangalore

The news that is gaining a lot of popularity on social media is basically an FIR filed against the influencer Hitesha Chandrani on Zomato deliverer Kamaraj's grievance. The news came into light when Model and makeup creative person Hitesha Chandranee, uploaded a video clip on her social media sites claiming that she was hit by a Zomato delivery official in March 9 over a disagreement about delayed food delivery order. The video clip published on Instagram and Twitter shows Chandranee with a bloody abrasion on her nose, with her statement that the delivery official attacked her when she confronted him over the delay of her order. Her Twitter bio says she may be a model and makeup creative person; whereas her Insta bio states that she may be a beauty and fashion influencer and content creator.

She has further claimed that she has suffered a nose fracture. Chandranee alleged that the delivery executive not only forcefully entered into her home but abused her as well. The Zomato delivery guy who had come from Zomato was very rude. Chandranee further added she does not sometimes open the door fully thanks to Shushi (her pet dog) and on that day too she opened the door partially and through the tiny slit she asked him to stay while she was talking to the customer support team of Zomato. She claimed that she had placed an order at 3:30 pm on March 9, which was expected to be delivered by 4.30 pm; and as she didn't receive her order on time, she gave a call to Zomato's client support, to either waive off the fees for the order or cancel the order.

Then when she asked him to take back the order that is when he lost his cool and started shouting and saying that was he a slave and why was he required to wait for so long Chandranee supplemental she very felt vulnerable and when she tried to shut her door he forcefully pushed the door, took her order from the table by barging into her home and punched on her face and consequently ran away. While she alleged that she has been given strong antibiotics and painkillers to suppress the pain because of the fracture of her nose bone she can record her statement and share the experience with us. Chandranee added that a Zomato executive has called and apologized to her and said that further action will be taken. She also added that the police had registered a case and are investigating. The accused Kamaraj who works with the online food department has been taken into custody. Rohit Roy and Kamya Panjabi reached out to support the Zomato delivery executive, who was accused of attacking the Bengaluru-based influencer. Both the TV stars took to Twitter to precise their opinion over the matter that has dominated all the limelight on social media.

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